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HENGJIA Premium Therapeutic Grade Neck Support Cushion with Pain Free Guarantee

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Microbead Bolster Tube Pillow with Cushy, Stay-Cool Fill & Silky Smooth

SQUISHY, YET SO SUPPORTIVE: A versatile pillow that provides cushie comfort for neck or back while sleeping at home or travelling, relieves stress on common pressure points. REMOVABLE COVER: Soft and stretchy spandex (15%) / nylon (85%) blend that stays cool and can be easily removed for washin LONG LASTING: Our tube pillows are made with premium nylon with food grade odorless microbead fill, providing years of good rest. Reinforced stitching ensures no leaked beads
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Extra Large Seat Cushion – Clinical Therapeutic Grade Orthopedic Wheelchair & Office Chair Cushion – Users 200 to 500lbs – Super Dense Bariatric Cushion

WHAT GOOD IS A SEAT CUSHION WITHOUT SUPPORT? - Finally, comfortable support in A SEAT CUSHION FOR REAL PEOPLE. Our game changing cushion design is made with you in mind, our SUPPORTIVELY DENSE SYSTEM, works perfectly for users weighing more than 200 pounds. FEELS LIKE NO OTHER ORTHOPEDIC SITTING PILLOW - With our clinical therapeutic grade memory foam we offer a leading standard you'll notice as soon as you unwrap your new Desk Jockey... Our proprietary secret foam recipe is molded into an extra wide, extra thick, perfectly contoured seat cushion, designed specifically to comfortably support up to 500 pounds!! TAKES THE CACTUS OUT OF WHEELCHAIRS, OFFICE CHAIRS, & RECLINERS - Don't Waste $$$ on expensive new furniture. Simply place our amazing cushion in "your spot" and your old couch or chair will feel brand new again!
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Cushie Pillows 7” x 12” Microbead Bolster Squishy/Flexible/Hypoallergenic/Extremely Comfortable Roll Pillow – Purple

SOFT FLEXIBLE MICROBEAD TRAVEL PILLOW THAT WON'T LEAVE YOU (OR YOUR KNEES AND BACK) FEELING UNSUPPORTED: Cushie microbead pillow is a squishy pillow that will have your knees and back thanking you; This comfortable microbead pillow makes a great present. Its small shape makes this pillow convenient and versatile GREAT THERAPY PILLOW PROVIDES SUPPORT FOR RECOVERY FROM SURGERY AND SUPPORT FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS: Cushie pillows are great for providing neck, back, arm and neck support after surgery; Grateful people who have neck issues, injured arms, or other chronic or acute injuries find that these pillows provide ideal "mold-able" support to reduce numbness, joint achiness and pressure point pressure; People have used these pillows to ease migraines and have even taken them to rehabilitation PEOPLE AND PETS PREFER PREMIUM POLYSTYRENE PILLOWS: Cushie pillows are great for sitting up in bed to read or propping up your tablet, placing behind your back while driving or watching TV for better posture, or putting between your knees while sleeping; Great props for yoga and Pilates classes; Just can't sleep without it; Even pets can be caught napping on them
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Celliant Sleep Therapeutic Wellness (Large Adult) Memory Foam Pillow by VISCO LOVE US LLC.

Hypoallergenic,Promotes the circulation of blood and lymph flows. Reduces pressure points and relieves stress, muscle and neck pains. Excellent thermal regulation by special air channels in the core.COLD CURE PRODUCTION SYSTEM IN SPECIAL MOULDS Our products are produced one by one in the especially designed moulds with open cell visco elastic material. The density of the material is kept in the mould with this mould system, thus the usage comfort and the life span of the product are increased. Healthy, Restful Sleep Your head, neck and shoulders are supported evenly at an environment without pressure, thus your pains at your joints and spine are eliminated. Maximum relaxation of muscles and nerves. Helps against insomnia, restlessness and headaches . Assists in the reduction of snoring by keeping critical air passages open .
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Freahap Round Cervical Neck Pillow Buckwheat Husk Neck Support Roll Pillow Blue 15.8 by 3.5 Inch

Package includes: Buckwheat Hull Pillow × 1 Piece; Size: 15.75×3.54 inch / 40×9cm Removable, washable cover filled full with organic buckwheat hull, one end is unsewn so you can dump some out to reshape the pillow for snug fit A Neck support pillow that provides solid neck bolster and helps you develop good posture and sleeping habits
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ComfySure Pregnancy Full Body Pillow-U Shaped Maternity and Nursing Cushion with Removable White Cover-Back, Neck Hip Support and Relief-Firm and Plush U

MULTI PURPOSE BODY PILLOW: Though designed for expecting or breastfeeding mothers, this U shaped body pillow also helps side sleepers, offers belly, arm & neck support, and relieves pain and discomfort. COMFORTABLE POSITIONS: Use as a lounging or reading cushion, or to watch TV. It offers lumbar support, prevents sleep repositioning, and relieves aches associated with sciatica, gastric reflux and more. HYPOALLERGENIC: This pillow is made from 100% polyester, and is ideal even for people with allergies and sensitive skin or other medical conditions. It is also perfect for infants to rest on while breast feeding.
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Knee Pillow – Firm, High Density Foam with Removable Fabric Pillowcase | Therapeutic Pillow Reduces Lower Back Pain, Migraines, Neck & Body Pain | Orthopedic & Ergonomic Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

Designed to be placed between your knees for a more comfortable night's sleep, great for side and back sleepers Therapeutic design may relieve strain and pressure on knees, hips and lower back and includes an adjustable strap to secure the pillow to one leg and help it stay in place Raises and supports knees to a comfortable position while lying on your back, and separates knees to align spine
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Pillo1 Best Therapeutic Cervical Neck Pillow for Neck Pain| Hypoallergenic Tallalay Latex | Standard Size

Made from Talalay Latex which is a Soy Based recyclable Bio-Foam - Naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, and anti-microbial. Designed by a chiropractor, and engineered to give you unmatched support in any position. Users experienced a 21.3% increase in REM sleep in a sleep study
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UTTU Tilde – Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow, Bamboo Pillow for Sleeping, Cervical Pillow, Neck Support for Back, Stomach & Side Sleepers, Orthopedic Pillow, Contour Pillow, CertiPUR-US Bed Pillow

🌙🌙 ADJUSTABLE LOFT 🌙🌙- The pillow is 4.7in (high contour) and 3.9in (low contour) originally, remove the middle memory foam layer you get 3.5in (high contour) and 2.8in (low contour). Its UNIQUE ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT DESIGN allows it to be perfect for all kinds of sleepers (side / back / stomach). It is the best pillow for sleeping in the world! 🛌🛌 PRESSURE RELIEF 🛌🛌- Made with UTTU DYNAMIC® FOAM, which conforms to the natural curve of your body and supports your head and neck to ensure superior comfort. The Therapeutic Ergonomic Design reduces neck & back pain, alleviates shoulder stiffness, promotes proper spine alignment, and helps your muscles relax. 🌟🌟 NEVER BECOMES HARD 🌟🌟- We used UTTU DYNAMIC® FOAM, which never gets hard as a rock in cold weather. Unlike most memory foams on the market, it remains consistent firmness and comfortable feel all year. Sleep in comfort and wake up feeling refreshed & recharged.
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Therapeutic Leg Rest – Adjustable – “Zero Gravity” Back Pain Relief – Improve Circulation, Relieves Discomfort – By Hermell Products

"ZERO GRAVITY" ALIGNMENT FOR PAIN RELIEF - Hermell's Knee Rest is designed to the same specs used by physical therapists, our Knee Rest helps maintain "pelvic tilt" to take pressure off the spine and lower back muscles. With 8 inches of lift, this improves leg circulation varicose veins, and phlebitis. No more stacking pillows for relief! DURABLE - Removable wicking poly cotton cover makes washing and cleaning easy. Durable and supportive foam will provide cushion and relief when you need it. FUNCTIONAL - Cushion can be adjusted to three different heights to meet different needs - Removable washable cover.
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